Protein is not an option following a workout; it is absolutely essential. If you want to see maximum results from your efforts, you need to be consuming protein within 60 minutes of completing your workout. When you work out, you create controlled injury in the muscle tissue, basically producing little tears. Consuming protein repairs these tears and results in bigger, stronger muscles and increased strength. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to be walking around with a bag of chicken in your gym bag!

We are super excited about the launch of USANA’s new MySmartFoods Macronutrient Solution! This is a line of personalized products that delivers high quality, complete proteins and beneficial fats from coconut oil. USANA recognized that consumers are gravitating to cleaner products and ingredients that are close to nature. People don’t want to see a label with a lot of crap they can’t pronounce. A great tip for anyone who doesn’t know a lot about nutrition…look for short ingredient lists! Chances are, the less ingredients, the cleaner the product.

This new line allows you to choose your protein base. You can choose from whey, soy and plant. All of them contain 18 grams of protein, only 150-160 calories, and are a good source of fibre. Your next step is choosing a yummy flavor optimizer for only 10 calories more. They are all natural flavours and include choices like banana, cappuccino and orange cream. Want to kick it up another notch? Add a Booster!   Protein Plus will give you an additional 10 grams of whey protein and Fibregy Plus will crank up the fibre by 12 grams. You can whip these babies up at home or have everything ready to go in a USANA shaker container.

The new MySmart Bars are ideal for tucking into your bag or pocket for an easy, healthy, on the go snack. I love these protein bars because they’re under 150 calories and they are made with clean, pure ingredients and they are gluten free. Try all three delicious flavours…dark chocolate, coconut cashew, and peanut butter.

These products are a truly healthy way to make sure you’re making your workout count! Simple and pure, they ensure you are getting your full macronutrient balance. Ask us how you can customize your favourites and even have them delivered to your door or office on a monthly basis while enjoying a discount! Oh, and best of all, they’re all super yummy! No more nasty, chalky protein shakes 🙂