Please don’t risk injuring yourself in some overcrowded “boxercise” class! If you’re interested in finding out what boxing can do for you, Power Institute offers one-on-one boxing sessions with our personal trainers. This individual attention is what will get you maximum results with minimum risk. You don’t need any special package for these sessions; they’re the same price as your existing package, so let us know when you’re ready to try one. Trust me, you’ll be addicted!

So what will boxing do for you? Well, for starters, it’s a killer stress buster. Boyfriend driving you crazy? Feel like killing your boss? Whatever is stressing you out, hitting something will make you feel a whole lot better! This is a healthy and productive way to release stress and trigger an endorphin rush. So, not only do you feel less stressed, you actually feel happier in the end!

Boxing will also fine tune your coordination. With practice, your coordination, balance, and agility will all improve. This applies to brain-body coordination as well. Boxing requires you to think! It becomes as much of a mental workout as a physical one. Instead of doing crossword puzzles, kill two birds with one stone by throwing some punches.

Boxing is a total body workout; it targets the entire body and can torch anywhere from 400-800 calories per hour. It can be extremely intense and gives you both an aerobic and anaerobic workout. Your personal trainer will guide you through rounds of maximum effort and active recovery. This type of exercise will build power, strength, speed, and amp up your metabolism. Compare one-on-one boxing to a steady jog, for example, and it’s a no-brainer…you’ll burn way more calories in less time with boxing. Plus, boxing gives you a serious core workout, so along with your newly boosted metabolism, you’re going to see those abs a lot sooner!

Boxing is also great for cross training. It’s one of the only activities that will give you upper body cardio. So, if you’re into running or cycling, boxing can be a great addition to mix things up.

If you really need one more reason to try out our one-on-one boxing, here it is…it’s actually super fun! You’ll get a killer workout that is really enjoyable and leaves you energized, confident, and happy!

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