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Obviously, the number one reason for wanting to improve your body should always be health. Without your health, it really doesn’t matter how you look. However, we can’t ignore the fact that we live in a world where, more than ever, people are prized for their physical appearance. Studies show that attractive people are perceived […]


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Please don’t risk injuring yourself in some overcrowded “boxercise” class! If you’re interested in finding out what boxing can do for you, Power Institute offers one-on-one boxing sessions with our personal trainers. This individual attention is what will get you maximum results with minimum risk. You don’t need any special package for these sessions; they’re […]


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Protein is not an option following a workout; it is absolutely essential. If you want to see maximum results from your efforts, you need to be consuming protein within 60 minutes of completing your workout. When you work out, you create controlled injury in the muscle tissue, basically producing little tears. Consuming protein repairs these […]


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Working out with a personal trainer at Power Institute means that not only are you getting a kick ass workout, you’re also getting our signature assisted cool down. You’re not going to find this anywhere else! What you do following any exercise is just as important as the workout itself. After any […]

What Does Personal Training on the Power Plate Really Do?

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What does Power Plate really do? Way back in the 80’s, Russian scientists were trying to figure out how to rapidly rehabilitate astronauts who returned from space with severe muscle and bone loss. Traditional strength training was not proving sufficient. Additionally, lifting external loads in a repetitive fashion is hard on joints and ligaments and […]


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Physical fitness is not just about aesthetics (hello skinny fat!). Thin doesn’t necessarily equal fit. Similarly, if you can bench press 175 lbs, but can’t touch your toes or run half a mile, you are lacking critical elements of fitness. Having a personal trainer will ensure that unspecified-1

The Importance of Functional Training

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How many people do you know who have injured themselves…pulled a muscle, thrown out their back, twisted their ankle…and you’ve asked ͞How? What were you doing?͟ Often, their answer is ͞Seriously, nothing!͟It ends up being something silly like vacuuming the carpets, putting their suitcase into the overhead bin, or picking up their kid. Everyday stuff.

Many […]

Why workout with a personal trainer?

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IMG_0434You may think you already know what you’re doing and you can do it all on your own, but there are many benefits to training with a personal trainer. Think about it…even professional athletes have personal trainers. It’s certainly not because they don’t know what they’re doing! […]

Introducing SkinFitBodyLab.com By: Power Institute

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Have you ever wondered what happens “in the back” at Power Institute? Wonder no more! We get that you want to look great and feel great. Even when you’re training hard and watching your diet, sometimes you need a little “help” to achieve your goals. We have a range of technologies that are all natural, […]

Healthy Living 2016 New Year New You!

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Power Institute, Toronto Power Institute, Toronto

Healthy Living 2016 New Year New You!

Holiday Season may be over, but good healthy habits continue.
…It Starts Here.  Power Institute.

Explore the many sides of our studio.  We do Power Plate + Boxing and Power Plate + Red Cord…

…The perfect combos to […]